Steroid Half Lives – Decay..

Steroid Half Lives – Decay.. Yesterday I made a post about the need to allow whatever drugs you are using time to “clear” before you begin PCT.. A number of guys showed they did not understand how half lives work with regard to clearance.. In the spirit of addressing that.. 1. There is no point … [Read more…]

Oral Delivery of Androgens less optimal for long term health.

The Oral Delivery of Androgens is a less optimal solution for those interested in long term health. While the overall cardiovascular safety associated with androgen replacement therapy is still being studied, changes in Lipid Profiles especially HDL/ LDL ratios as a result of oral androgen treatment can interfere with assessing the overall cardiovascular safety profile … [Read more…]

Left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) and ARB’s

Left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) is a major concern to AAS users.. This information is presented as an ‘awareness article’ not a recommendation for use. I am not qualified to provide Medical Advice A growing amount of experimental and clinical data suggest that antihypertensive drugs may exert different effects on LVH regression and on new onset … [Read more…]

Does using Steroids increase your Blood Pressure ?

Does using Steroids increase your Blood Pressure ? The relation between anabolic steroid abuse and blood pressure remains controversial. A link between anabolic steroid abuse and increase in blood pressure has been reported in a majority of related studies whereas its hard to argue that some others have shown no association. I personally support the … [Read more…]

Loose Skin

A Master Class Member asks.. Victor is there anything you can recommend to help me with loose skin resulting from historical wieght loss ? Here is my reply..